Shoga Gallery

Commercial activities for art and cultures, sales of artworks.
The Japanese word “Shoga” of “Shoga Gallery” means “fine art” and “calligraphy”. This gallery deals with the calligraphic works as well as the fine arts. This gallery supports the artist exhibitions as the rental gallery space.

General information for the exhibitions

This gallery is open for solo-exhibitions, group exhibitions, seminars, discussion meetings, and lectures about the art and cultures.

Gallery conditions

Unique artistic space with the heavy iron walls.
Artworks floating in the iron black box, tranquil, contemplative.
Square shaped room, five meters on each side, black iron walls.


Carry in from 18:00 to 19:00, on Fridays
Carry out from 17:00 to 18:00, on the next Friday
All expenses for carrying in and out should be paid by the exhibitors.

Open hours

from 13:00 to 18:00
Party could be held, as long as it is silent, from 19:00 to 20:00, only on Saturdays. All expenses for the party should be paid by exhibitors.
Wine cooler and glasses are ready to use.


15 halogen lights
Magnet exhibition is possible on the iron walls.
20 hanging rings for the exhibitions.
Hanging exhibition is possible with skelton-infill ceiling.
6 iron shelves for flat exhibitions, 0.9 meters by 0.4 meters
Square iron tables, 2 big size for 4 meters, 1 small size for 2 meters
1 Projector, internet is available.

Announcement media

Direct mails, announcements to the persons involved and the guests of the gallery

Exhibition fee

30,000JPY/ 1 week, 500,000JPY/ 2 weeks (tax included)

Transportations and accommodations

All expenses of the transportations and accommodations for the exhibitions should be paid by exhibitors.

Commission fees for sales

50% sales fee should be paid to the gallery for the sales through the gallery.
No fees for the sales directly to the customers from the exhibitors.


application →meeting → determination → payment of the 50% exhibition fee →reservations → the rest of the fees should be paid by the opening day.

Gallery criteria

The judgement is made by the original criteria of the gallery. Please understand when the application is rejected.


Please send the e-mail by attaching the artist profiles and the portfolios. The exhibition period will be discussed later depending on the other exhibition schedules.

Application form